Natural Remedies

Posted by Nidra Nomad on

Bringing nature into the home is important to us. Whether that be through natural ingredients, aromas or even indoor plants. If we could create a toolkit for wellbeing, nature would be at the top of our list. 

Living in the midst of a busy city like London, it can be difficult to stay in touch with the natural world. There's so much going on amongst the hustle and bustle, and its not uncommon to feel totally burnt out.

Nature offers us a remedy to calming a frazzled mind. This frazzled condition seems more prominent as a result of our busy modern ways of living, and often it's the simple things that can benefit us. A long walk in our local park, tending to indoor plants or taking time to unwind with calming natural fragrances. 

Taking time to connect with nature frees up mental space and allows room for ideas and inspiration to take form. It gives us a much needed change in perspective and to see our worries from a different point of view.


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