Incense | Cedar & Frankincense Candle
Incense | Cedar & Frankincense Candle
Incense | Cedar & Frankincense Candle
Incense | Cedar & Frankincense Candle

Incense | Cedar & Frankincense Candle

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20cl ∙ 100% Natural wax ∙ Cotton Wick ∙ Essential Oils ∙ 25-30 hrs

Warm frankincense balances an aromatic cedarwood in this grounding woody fragrance. Subtle notes of mandarin and vetiver add an element of mystery to this scent, inspired by woodland, wanderlust and stories around the fire.

Top - Lemon
Middle - Frankincense, Mandarin, Black Pepper
Base - Cedarwood, Vetiver

Woodland Escape...
A cabin hides amidst a forest of fragrant cedar trees. The sound of birdsong and rustling leaves accompany your walk towards an open door. Inside, a log fire crackles and the subtle scent of incense fills the air. A cosy place to rest after a woodland hike.

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Five evocative aromas made using 100% natural wax and pure essential oils.

The Sanctuary collection was created to conjure up nostalgic memories of natural hideaways. The scent of summer, regal gardens, desert dunes, rainforests and woodland hikes. Through the power of scent and story, we bring natural sanctuaries closer to home.

Our candles are hand-crafted in London using a unique blend of natural wax delivering an excellent scent throw. All candles are vegan and cruelty free.

To get the best out of our essential oil candles, follow these guidelines:
• When lighting your candle for the first time, allow the entire top layer of wax to liquify before putting it out. This prevents ‘tunnelling’ on subsequent burns and keeps your candle in good shape.
• For each usage, always trim the wick to ¼ inches before lighting to ensure a steady flame and prevent any soot or smoke.
• Discontinue use when ½ inch of wax remains at the bottom of the glass. This prevents heat damage to surfaces and stops the glassware from overheating.
• Always take care around candles. For safety and to prevent injuries, burn within sight. Keep away from flammable materials, children, and pets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karen Whitlock
Simply elegant

Not the first time I've bought from you, although first time online. Service was excellent quick and efficient.
As for you candles they are exceptional, I love all the different scents, some are unusual but work perfectly with one another.
They make excellent gifts or as a treat for yourself.


Nice woody scent that fills a room, you can smell the cedarwood and frankincense. It would be nice have this as a room spray in the future.


Beautiful forest aroma, reminds me of woodland walks. Lasts ages and love the sleek design.

Sue F.
Cedar & Frankincense

Smells amazing and looks classy in my living room 😊

Nice candle

Really nice scent, recommend for anyone looking for a fresh woody candle.